Kae'las Drakkar



Cleric of The Temple of Himmat – Goddess or the Moon, Night, Darkness, Forbidden Knowledge, and Secrets

A thin somewhat wiry man he stands at an average height for that of a human. His skin is that of bronzed leather with grey blue eyes that seem to shift all too easily between kind and inviting to cold and cruel. His salt and pepper hair is kept closely cropped on his head, with a meticulously kept beard and mustache on his face. His fine clothing always seems much more utilitarian in design than one would imagine for a holy man, and while obviously aged he carries himself with grace that does not bely it.


Hails from the Yavec, one of the Ramzaran empires most important mining settlements and trade cities for the nomadic desert tribes of the empire’s northern reaches. While the city is prosperous it is far from kind to those outside the upper echelons of Ramzaran society. Which, having grown up a poor orphan in Yavec, Kae’las was not always a part of. He is currently in Warden’s Gate on unknown business for The Temple of Himmat. He is currently working to aid an Assassin in search of the Keys of Orhzov. During which time he has found himself working alongside a rather odd collection of individuals.

Aldous – While this eccentric lush of a monk’s order and the temple would definitely not see eye to eye on many things, he is an honest and honorable man. He is certainly the most trustworthy of these vagabonds I find myself traveling with. This could eventually prove to become and issue if he is allowed to learn to much of my goals here in Warden’s Gate. Best he be kept in the dark, as he poses no threat so long as he remains oblivious.

Lestat – This horrific and disgusting creature can barely control it’s more bestial nature. That combined with the smell and the endless questions in hopes of finding it’s “dragon” makes it’s company next to unbearable. However, it’s want to solve every issue with violence leads it to throw itself in the way of danger with no regard for it’s own safety. This will inevitably lead to the creature’s end, but come prove useful in the interim. Helping to keep it alive will undoubtedly prove to be a sound investment of time and effort.

Helios – It is almost as if the Azer doesn’t understand it’s own divine nature and capabilities. He’s a gifted swordsman and possesses a natural magnetism that would make him an extremely capable member of the temple. He’s currently affixed himself to some foolish set of dictates he learned from a traveling holy man he calls Joelstien. While he is fervent, much of his faith in still unknown to him. It should not be hard to break his faith in such an infantile state. A few well placed demonstrations of Himmat’s blessings and a promise of more, should be more than enough for him to see where his faith truly belongs.

Kae'las Drakkar

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